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HMWYBS 704: Zardoz

, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Penis

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Looking Back at Oscar, #24

For the next LBaO feature, we’re looking back at the Picture + acting Oscar nominees of the year 1951:

The African Queen
An American in Paris
The Blue Veil
Bright Victory
Come Fill the Cup
Death of a Salesman
Decision Before Dawn
Detective Story
The Mating Season
A Place in the Sun
Quo Vadis
A Streetcar Named Desire

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HMWYBS 702: Atonement

As we talk about a wonderful adaptation of one of my favorite books for the second episode of HMWYBS, we need an appropriate soundtrack!

We all know how gorgeous Atonement is, I think? Despite the fact that the film’s script is a little bit too tied to the book in how it reveals things about the primary cast, Joe Wright is still very focused on motion. Every frame in Atonement feels animated even when the characters or objects are fairly still, for the little movement that does happen is always intently centered and focused on like a laser.

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HMWYBS 701: Ghostbusters


Can’t help but feel Paul Feig and Co. missed a good opportunity here re: the release date. And yes I know that’s from the sequel.

Hello to anyone who’s reading this! When The Film Experience, a site which I’ve followed for 7 years now and has played a part in my burgeoning cinephilia so large that I don’t want to understate it, announced that this upcoming season of Hit Me With Your Best Shot was the final one, I knew that I had to participate. And with Ghostbusters as the premiere? Well…

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