HMWYBS 704: Zardoz

, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Penis

Is there a more fitting April Fool’s Day movie than Zardoz? This was the first entry in HMWYBS that I had not previously seen (didn’t bother with Daredevil since I hadn’t seen Season 1) but I’d seen the infamous “THE PENIS IS EVIL!” *spits out guns* scene and was not let down in my hopes for a fun bad movie. I think the best thing to come out of the movie was the discovery that it was directed by the same guy who did Deliverance/Hope and Glory…and The Exorcist II. I’ve now decided that I love John Boorman.

Zardoz’s secret weapon is that it actually has some concepts that could absolutely work and have indeed been used to solid effect in other films. A personal favorite is the final sequence of Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling, where they gradually grow older after giving birth to a child…and then this happens:

That’s not how hair works. Anyway, despite all this, the movie was actually way more fun visually than the Ghostbusters entry, which shocked me but hey, try and deny the beauty of Sean Connery trying to get out of this movie while a voice yells about the periphery shield of Vortex 4:

But my personal favorite shot would have to be this one which sums up Zardoz so perfectly for me:
Best Shot

So after Zed explores the giant floating head, which is decorated like a fraternity bedroom, he finds a machine that is simple looking but is complicated enough to describe the surpluses and needs for each of the vortexes. Revolutionary…until you realize that the beings that possess infinite knowledge and power, and presumably have access to libraries if someone like Zed was able to find one, can’t spell. (I went with this one since “karratz” is my favorite misspelling.) It all fits the “good try, Mr. Boorman” aesthetic so well that I can’t help but worship it.


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