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Looking Back at Oscar, #1

For the next LBaO feature, we’re looking back at the Picture + acting Oscar nominees of the year 1927/28:

7th Heaven
The Last Command
The Noose
The Patent Leather Kid
The Racket
Sadie Thompson
A Ship Comes In
Street Angel
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
The Way of All Flesh

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HMWYBS 708: Throne of Blood

Another first time viewing for me!

I’m not as familiar with Kurosawa as I’d like, but I’m already annoyed whenever I see his name these last few days because I missed out on the opportunity to see Ran in 4K in two different cities! First it played in NYC while I was in Cleveland, and now I find out it’ll be playing in Cleveland when I go back to NYC. Booooooo.

That being said, Macbeth is probably my favorite Shakespeare, so I couldn’t stay mad.
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