A New Project…

As you may or may not have seen (probably the latter), I recently finished up watching a shitton of silent films, all made before the eligiblity period for the first ever Academy Awards began.

It was a fascinating trip, but at times it felt draining, for limiting oneself to a single year frequently does that. I craved color and noise or just something that wasn’t from the aesthetic of that era. This has been a bit of a problem when making my way through the years that I semi-randomly choose, and while it is a great way to fill the gaps in my film watching education while also making sure I have things to look forward to, it is also starting to feel a bit too restrictive.

So, it’s time for a new project of sorts. In between making my way through the films of 1927/28 that were “eligible” for Academy Awards #1 (some are foreign films that just came out in their home countries that year but never got a release that would constitute qualification), I will be filling in the gaps in a different way, with a director where I have only seen one of their works (which badly needs a rewatch) and some other films that lend themselves very well to a retrospective.

Welcome to…

The title is not to be taken too seriously. This probably will last much longer than a week. I’m busy and I want to watch other things in between too.

But nevertheless, I will be going reverse-chronologically so I can start with the two movies no one seems to like (well, there are some people on Letterboxd who LOVE them, but…that means fuck all), then tewatch Tree of Life, and finally move into the four unseen critically acclaimed films. And I will publish a review for each one as I go, and do a ranking at the end.


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