HMWYBS 710: Short Films

Something old and something new!
I had already seen Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow more than once…more than thrice, in fact. If it wasn’t a short it’d make my Best of 2015 list and be close to the top at that, and I screamed obscenities when it lost to that stupid Bear Story short. Simon wasn’t cute and cuddly enough for those assholes?

But I went for the saddest joke. Where Emily Prime simply lives in the moment, enjoying its purity and appreciating life…Emily 4 is stuck in an endless quagmire of memory that has rendered almost everything meaningless, especially with the muntal detouriorashun undergone from generations being alive. For all that Don Hertzfeld critiques people using technology as a way to escape genuine connections and all the highs and lows that come with them, it finally concedes in its final moments that yes, there is something valuable about technology if it can give Emily 4 a moment like this:

Best Shot

An eyebrow raise can mean a thousand words when it comes from the least expressive of faces.

Now for the one I hadn’t seen! And I was not too impressed with True Skin on a storytelling level. It looks pretty and creates a whole new world effectively but that’s about it, and when your world isn’t exactly probing new ideas about technology then I can only appreciate this on a tech level.

Still, some of the details it tosses out there are fairly interesting, like this one:

Best Shot

Animals getting the replacement parts? I’m intrigued, especially since we don’t know if this is someone’s pet or a stray. An act of charity, or…? (We also see a lemur with the eyes near the end, I assume it’s the memory of a pet.)


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