HMWYBS 712: Star Wars Episode VII

I was very disappointed that I could not make room in my schedule for Queen Margot last round. It looks exactly like what I want in a period piece, but there’s always the prospect of something to look forward to.

Anyway, back to the present, albeit reluctantly…
Jim Jarmusch recently gave an interview stating he’s never watched Star Wars and never will, and I wish I hadn’t seen the movies just so it was the attitude I could take. Not that I dislike the movies-far from it! I think A New Hope is great, Empire Strikes Back is (slightly less) great, and Return of the Jedi/Force Awakens are good. (By mentioning the prequels in this aside, I’m giving them more attention than they deserve.)

However, the fact that so many people cotton onto them as great cinema is wearying when only the original qualifies, and I’ve never felt the urge to rewatch them (seen all of them once except A New Hope, which I saw twice and which put me off rewatching the rest since there’s nothing that surprises on later viewings).

So in rewatching a Star Wars film for the second time ever, I mostly just looked out for the star of the show (this image is a Google Image because it works better):
Best Shot

Let’s be real here, Force Awakens is a pretty unnecessary movie except in seeing where Rian Johnson takes it for Episode 8. But thankfully, thanks to its need to plagiarize heavily, we got a brand new equivalent to R2D2 in the form of this sassy little ball. But BB8 might be an honest to god improvement. Where R2D2 simply beeped and C3P0 had to tell us that he was saying something rude, BB8 simply shows us what he is feeling thanks to little personality touches like these. The thumbs up/middle finger ambiguity makes it all the better.

In conclusion, let’s have the next episode be Poe and BB8 on a trip to the beach, with BB8 having wacky adventures in the sand while Poe skinny dips.


2 thoughts on “HMWYBS 712: Star Wars Episode VII

  1. Daniel Bayer

    HA! Love this! I kinda feel the same way as you about the level of quality of the Star Wars movies – I actually think Empire gets too much credit because of the Big Reveal at the end, and Jedi not enough because of the Ewoks, but neither are really at the level of the original, which is a massive feat of world-building and myth-making. Force Awakens is good, but watching it a second time confirmed that its re-watch factor is low. I will say, though, that the Millennium Falcon chase and this little BB8 moment here are when I fully fell in love with it in the theater.


    1. ScopoatC Post author

      I unironically enjoy the Ewoks, RotJ’s problems are rooted in the story just not being as good. It’s only slightly worse than Empire, really.

      My exact “end this stupid franchise” moment: someone I know saying this was a better movie than Fury Road and being completely unable to articulate why other than nostalgia.

      And then Laura Dern being in the cast for 8 brought me more or less back into being okay with it even if I have enormous doubts about how the reboots are handling women.



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