HMWYBS 714: Trevor

I love it when there’s a short film episode when I don’t have much time.

Trevor won the Live Action Short Oscar along with a film that has the truly amazing title of Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life in a rare tie. I was not aware that this was the work that inspired The Trevor Project coming in, but…this is definitely the sort of work that feels like it was created to inspire a support group.

Trevor the film has a good sense of humor, but unfortunately relies too much on narration to bring it out, especially when the story is perfectly clear in the images used thanks to the actors showing us clear, uncomplicated emotions. Redoing this film entirely without the voiceover would be to its benefit.

However, the perky production design of Trevor leads to some crisp, neat looking shots, and my personal favorite was this one:

Best Shot

Ignore the hardcoded subtitles. This comes around when Trevor is performing his heart out to a Diana Ross number, lipsyncing for his life in his best day drag…when his mother comes in. We see the parents reacting with indifference throughout the picture, such as here, but what makes this shot unsettling is the total non reaction to some clear suicidal imagery-out of context, it looks like the child is about to hang himself.


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