HMWYBS 715: One From the Heart

Hey, I’ve seen this one for this very site!
One From the Heart’s entire thing is having a very clean plot that feels straight out of a Disney movie, and compensating with some absurd visuals. This is practically a predecessor to Moulin Rouge in all the glamour and glitter.

However, where OFTH really owes its debts (and Francis Ford Coppola definitely would not deny this) is to the old MGM musicals, or the films of the Archers. I wanted to find an explicit homage underneath all the overlapping dialogues and noise of this crazy bonkers movie.

And then, bam. A moment that serves as its own small homage (a gorgeous matte painting) while also being a small moment of tranquility in an ocean of romantic screaming and singing. It’s the equivalent of a shot of Vietnam looking pristine for a few precious seconds in an ocean of napalm.
Best Shot


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