1932/33 in Review


Nominees that didn’t make it:
10. Cavalcade-this pandering shit won, somehow
9. Smilin’ Through-I wasn’t
8. She Done Him Wrong-some funny clips in search of a film
7. State Fair-so very lightweight and hypocritical

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57. Ganga Bruta
Limite knocked me on my ass, but this Brazilian film has…not endured as well, feeling simultaneously too concrete and too abstract.
Favorite Moment: The woman going down the stairs.
56. Little Toys
Sometimes poetic, sometimes sounds and looks horrifyingly grainy.
Favorite Moment: Opening.
55. Comradeship
Evocative and interesting but nothing you haven’t seen.
Favorite Moment: Mine collapse.
54. Tiger Shark
An incredibly strange film that nevertheless feels like the weakest parts of early Hawks.
Favorite Moment: Shark attack.
53. Passing Fancy
A rather messy Ozu, with a cartoonier child than the relative naturalism of I Was Born But…
Favorite Moment: The tantrum from the child.
52. Emperor Jones
Definitely revolutionary but watch Borderline instead.
Favorite Moment: Opening number.
51. Outskirts
Like Le Million with a lot less charm and a lot more intelligence.
Favorite Moment: Talking horse gag.
50. Dancing Girl of Izu
Love the romance, everything else is muddled.
Favorite Moment: Rock wall.
49. White Zombie
Love the atmosphere but it also makes everything feel a bit…fillery.
Favorite Moment: Opening.
48. Me and My Gal
Owes a little too much to Docks of New York for my liking.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
47. Man’s Castle
Endearing and sweet, although I think Borzage should have stuck with Gaynor and Farrell even with sound.
Favorite Moment: Opening date.
46. Every-Night Dreams
Like a weaker version of Apart From You.
Favorite Moment: Father arrives.
45. Apart From You
Very brief and effective, although this is the sort of film that does not benefit from silence since it’s not very visual outside of the lead actresses, who do rise to the occasion.
Favorite Moment: Fun with the clients.
44. Lady for a Day
Exceptionally good first half that feels like it will lead to perfect Capra collapses upon itself and becomes two dimensional.
Favorite Moment: Apple Annie drinking and writing.
43. Christopher Strong
Even Arzner’s weaker works have moments of interest, like the moth gown.
Favorite Moment: Moth gown!
42. Japanese Girls at the Harbor
Cute, but badly needs sound since it’s so simple.
Favorite Moment: The girls sit and chat.
41. The Mummy
Has great performances from the supporting cast but the atmosphere does not work.
Favorite Moment: The ending.
40. Island of Lost Souls
Slim and efficient, but the concept works better than the execution.
Favorite Moment: Panther woman appears.
39. Testament of Dr. Mabuse
Obscenely long, super beautiful.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
38. Baby Face
A bit too basic for me, but it does presciently reference Ball of Fire and gives us Stanwyck dumping coffee on a man’s hand.
Favorite Moment: Hot coffee.
37. Movie Crazy
Lloyd may have lasted longer than Keaton, but he was a lot less suited for sound.
Favorite Moment: The bad walking scene.
36. Horse Feathers
One of the better Marx Bros. films (Swordfish!) but still contains heavy amounts of filler.
Favorite Moment: The opening song.
35. Wild Boys of the Road
Super earnest and political, both as a strength and a detriment.
Favorite Moment: The rocks get thrown.
34. The Most Dangerous Game
Super thin, but some of King Kong’s magic rubs off on it.
Favorite Moment: Dogs in the fog.
33. The Private Life of Henry VIII
Deliciously overcooked stuff, with Laughton running the gamut of emotions from A to B in the best way possible. Terrible history lesson, to its benefit.
Favorite Moment: The very first title card.
32. Dinner at Eight
Just an excuse for eight stars to have fun, but they do it well.
Favorite Moment: Intro to Dressler’s character.
31. Laughter in Hell
With a better ending/cast, this could’ve been something truly special.
Favorite Moment: The riot.

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BEST ACTING (Finalists in bold)
Nominees that didn’t make it (Actor):
3. Leslie Howard, Berkeley Square-does nothing of note

Nominees that didn’t make it (Actress):
3. Diana Wynyard, Cavalcade-recites the history
2. Katherine Hepburn, Morning Glory-one note irritation

Warner Baxter, 42nd Street
John Boles, Only Yesterday
James Cagney, Footlight Parade
Maurice Chevalier, Love Me Tonight
Gary Cooper, Design for Living
Gary Cooper, Farewell to Arms
Clark Gable, Red Dust
Charles Granval, Boudu Saved From Drowning
Charles Laughton, Private Life of Henry VIII-deliciously overcooked ham
Peter Lorre, M
Fredric March, Design for Living
Herbert Marshall, Trouble in Paradise
Paul Muni, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang-furiously loses everything
William Powell, One Way Passage
Enrique Riveros, Blood of a Poet
Michel Simon, Boudu Saved From Drowning
Ernest Thesiger, Old Dark House

Joan Blondell, Gold Diggers of 1933
Billie Burke, Dinner at Eight
Marlene Dietrich, Blonde Venus
Marie Dressler, Dinner at Eight
Kay Francis, One Way Passage
Kay Francis, Trouble in Paradise
Greta Garbo, Queen Christina
Jean Harlow, Red Dust
Helen Hayes, Farewell to Arms
Katherine Hepburn, Little Women
Miriam Hopkins, Design for Living
Miriam Hopkins, Trouble in Paradise
Ruby Keeler, 42nd Street
Jeanette MacDonald, Love Me Tonight
May Robson, Lady for a Day-goes extreme in ways both appealing and unappealing
Barbara Stanwyck, Baby Face
Barbara Stanwyck, Bitter Tea of General Yen
Margaret Sullavan, Only Yesterday
Martha Thiele, Madchen in Uniform
Fay Wray, King Kong

Wallace Beery, Dinner at Eight
Gustaf Grundgrens, M
Edward Everett Horton, Design for Living
Warren Hymer, One Way Passage
Boris Karloff, The Mummy
Boris Karloff, Old Dark House
C. Aubrey Smith, Morning Glory

Mary Astor, Red Dust
Joan Bennett, Little Women
Billie Burke, Only Yesterday
Bebe Daniels, 42nd Street
Frances Dee, Little Women
Margaret Dumont, Duck Soup
Jean Harlow, Dinner at Eight
Theresa Harris, Baby Face
Zita Johann, The Mummy
Myrna Loy, Love Me Tonight
Aline MacMahon, Gold Diggers of 1933
Aline MacMahon, One Way Passage
Hattie McDaniel, Blonde Venus
Eva Moore, Old Dark House
Jean Parker, Little Women
Ellen Schwanneke, Madchen in Uniform
Emilia Unda, Madchen in Uniform

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