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332 Great Directors: Jacques Audiard

“Yes, the hero is born from this conflict and the quality of vulnerability is something cinematic – it belongs to the nature of cinema and only in cinema are heroes able to show their invulnerability to whatever they’re up against. It’s a very cinematic quality.”
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333 Great Directors: Otar Iosseliani

“If art is a phenomenon that brings joy to people, it cannot have a destructive effect, al­though with the help of words written on paper, one can lie, one can create filth, and one can deform the human psyche. The same applies to the screen because it is a blank slate — you can project anything you want on it: Swineherd and Shepherd, Trac­tor Drivers, Ivan the Ter­rib­le, or Office Romance — which are all very different movies, to put it gently. At the same time, we saw Orson Welles’s Citizen Kane and the films of Woody Allen, Jacques Tati, and Jean Vigo. Incidentally, Vigo made only one film, but in my opinion he is still the greatest artist that has ever existed in cinematography. There is another wonderful film, Miracle in Milan by Vit­torio De Sica.”
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HMWYBS Season 7 Finale: Splash + A New Project Announcement

I am BACK! After choosing to take some time off from HMWYBS to focus on watching movies from the 30s in a fairly chronological order, I have decided to return for the finale of HMWYBS, focusing on childhood favorite Splash…and, well, I need an excuse to pimp out something new that I’m working on that will hopefully get a following.

We’ll start with the Best Shot, and be warned: NSFW stuff ahead. And a LOT of text with regards to my upcoming plan.
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Looking Back at Oscar, #9

For the next LBaO feature, we’re looking back at the Picture + acting Oscar nominees of the year 1936:

Anthony Adverse
Come and Get It
General Died at Dawn
Gorgeous Hussy
Great Ziegfeld
Libeled Lady
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
My Man Godfrey
Pigskin Parade
Romeo and Juliet
San Francisco
Story of Louis Pasteur
Tale of Two Cities
Theodora Goes Wild
These Three
Three Smart Girls
Valiant is the Word for Carrie

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1936 in Review


Nominees that didn’t make it:
10. Story of Louis Pasteur-another biopic, another day
9. Romeo and Juliet-watch your grandparents do Shakespeare
8. Three Smart Girls-opera is three times as stupid
7. Anthony Adverse-what even happens in this?
6. A Tale of Two Cities-Dickens is boring
5. Great Ziegfeld-veers between great musical numbers and terrible dialogue

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Looking Back at Oscar, #8

For the next LBaO feature, we’re looking back at the Picture + acting Oscar nominees of the year 1935:

Alice Adams
Becky Sharp
Black Fury
Broadway Melody of 1936
Captain Blood
Dark Angel
David Copperfield
Escape Me Never
The Informer
Les Miserables
Lives of a Bengal Lancer
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Mutiny on the Bounty
Naughty Marietta
Private Worlds
Ruggles of Red Gap
Top Hat

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