HMWYBS Season 7 Finale: Splash + A New Project Announcement

I am BACK! After choosing to take some time off from HMWYBS to focus on watching movies from the 30s in a fairly chronological order, I have decided to return for the finale of HMWYBS, focusing on childhood favorite Splash…and, well, I need an excuse to pimp out something new that I’m working on that will hopefully get a following.

We’ll start with the Best Shot, and be warned: NSFW stuff ahead. And a LOT of text with regards to my upcoming plan.
I actually knew in advance that I was going to pick this one, thankfully, although the nude shot of Tom Hanks in the tank was kind of tempting (not for shallow reasons, though, as it feels like a gloomier foreshadowing of the happy ending).

But I went with a different nude shot instead! And it was thankfully already online.

Best Shot

Splash’s success is triple pronged, and this shot encapsulates those three things.
1. The cast is great all around, with Hannah the obvious standout. You get everything that makes her so fun in this, from the visual work of the production team (that crimped hair <3) to her actual performance (her stance is so casual and guileless that you practically don’t register the nudity).

2. The jokes in the script are literally fish out of water jokes, so they don’t date. I think you can see the joke very plainly here.

3. The portrait of NYC, which is used primarily as a time capsule and HAS dated for all the right reasons. Tourists still visit the Statue of Liberty, and they never expect to see nude transformed mermaids even after this came out in ’84.

Not only that, but the positioning of the sign and the tourists presents Daryl as the main attraction, one that no one really looks at in favor of reading the trivia on their maps (and one of those guys is in a pose that looks kind of…selfie-ish). Just swap it with cell phones and you could make it in the 2010s for sure.
Anyway! Enough with the pleasant 80s fun. My new project is an attempt to cover territory I am overdue to cover, as wandering through cinema chronologically when all you crave is to watch something modern can be a little sleepy no matter how much more rewarding it makes the surprises. So, in order to become acquainted with cinema more quickly, I am starting the Great Directors Project!

Every now and then, I will do a random work from one of many directors and do a write up on that film, how it fits into their work, the director’s canonical status, etc. I might do a retrospective of their full work if they’re easy to tackle…maybe I’ll pick out some rewatches, too. Who knows? Whatever I desire.

As for picking out the directors, well, you might as well aim for consensus, and thus I shall be using TSPDT’s Top 250 Directors list (2016 edition) as my starting line…

1. Alfred Hitchcock
2. Orson Welles
3. Stanley Kubrick
4. Federico Fellini
5. Jean-Luc Godard
6. Francis Ford Coppola
7. Akira Kurosawa
8. Ingmar Bergman
9. Jean Renoir
10. John Ford
11. Yasujiro Ozu
12. Martin Scorsese
13. Luis Bunuel
14. Andrei Tarkovsky
15. Charles Chaplin
16. Billy Wilder
17. Carl Theodor Dreyer
18. Robert Bresson
19. F.W. Murnau
20. Michaelangelo Antonioni
21. Howard Hawks
22. Fritz Lang
23. Sergei Eisenstein
24. Francois Truffaut
25. Steven Spielberg
26. Kenji Mizoguchi
27. Woody Allen
28. Roberto Rossellini
29. David Lean
30. David Lynch
31. Vittorio De Sica
32. Alain Resnais
33. Luchino Visconti
34. Roman Polanski
35. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
36. John Cassavetes
37. Sergio Leone
38. Satyajit Ray
39. Wong Kar-Wai
40. Jean Vigo
41. Ernst Lubitsch
42. Ridley Scott
43. Robert Altman
44. Max Ophuls
45. Werner Herzog
46. Abbas Kiarostami
47. Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
48. Dziga Vertov
49. D.W. Griffith
50. Chris Marker
51. Krzysztof Kieslowski
52. Buster Keaton
53. John Huston
54. Terrence Malick
55. Hou Hsiao-Hsien
56. Rainer Werner Fassbinder
57. Edward Yang
58. Jacques Tati
59. Pier Paolo Pasolini
60. Bernando Bertolucci
61. Sam Peckinpah
62. Michael Curtiz
63. Joel and Ethan Coen
64. Frank Capra
65. Victor Fleming
66. Quentin Tarantino
67. Preston Sturges
68. Marcel Carne
69. Vincente Minnelli
70. Carol Reed
71. Wim Wenders
72. Nicholas Ray
73. Bela Tarr
74. Leo McCarey
75. Erich von Stroheim
76. Douglas Sirk
77. Elia Kazan
78. Lars von Trier
79. Nicolas Roeg
80. Eric Rohmer
81. Claude Lanzmann
82. Jean-Pierre Melville
83. Gillo Pontecorvo
84. David Cronenberg
85. Chantal Akerman
86. Theo Angelopoulos
87. Milos Forman
88. George Cukor
89. Hayao Miyazaki
90. Josef von Sternberg
91. Joseph L. Mankiewicz
92. Jacques Rivette
93. Jacques Demy
94. Michael Haneke
95. William Wyler
96. Jacques Torneur
97. Victor Erice
98. James Cameron
99. Sidney Lumet
100. Paul Thomas Anderson
101. George Lucas
102. Brian De Palma
103. Clint Eastwood
104. Pedro Almodovar
105. Robert Flaherty
106. Spike Lee
107. Jean Eustache
108. Claire Denis
109. Mikio Naruse
110. Glauber Rocha
111. Ken Loach
112. King Vidor
113. Jim Jarmusch
114. Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet
115. Terry Gilliam
116. George Romero
117. John Carpenter
118. Jean Cocteau
119. Hal Ashby
120. Zhang Yimou
121. William Friedkin
122. Aleksandr Sokurov
123. Agnes Varda
124. Michael Cimino
125. Michael Snow
126. Stan Brakhage
127. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
128. Jane Campion
129. Otto Preminger
130. Sergei Parajanov
131. Abel Gance
132. Alexander Dovzhenko
133. Alexander Mackendrick
134. Ang Lee
135. Nagisa Oshima
136. Fei Mu
137. Emir Kusturica
138. Peter Weir
139. Rob Reiner
140. Mike Leigh
141. Elem Klimov
142. Errol Morris
143. Henri-Georges Clouzot
144. Samuel Fuller
145. Andrzej Wajda
146. Robert Wise
147. Arthur Penn
148. Raoul Walsh
149. Andy Warhol
150. Robert Zemeckis
151. Mike Nichols
152. Frederick Wiseman
153. Michael Powell
154. Maurice Pialat
155. Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack
156. Robert Aldrich
157. Michael Mann
158. Luis Garcia Berlanga
159. John Boorman
160. Louis Malle
161. Tsai Ming-liang
162. Ousmane Sembene
163. David Fincher
164. James Whale
165. G.W. Pabst
166. George Stevens
167. Ritwik Ghatak
168. Mikhail Kalatozov
169. Jia Zhangke
170. King Hu
171. Georges Melies
172. Jean Rouch
173. Humphrey Jennings
174. Anthony Mann
175. Tobe Hooper
176. Maya Deren
177. Joseph Losey
178. Manoel de Oliveira
179. Gus Van Sant
180. Paul Verhoeven
181. Tod Browning
182. Chen Kaige
183. Robert Wiene
184. Terence Davies
185. Sydney Pollack
186. Djibril Diop Mambety
187. Tim Burton
188. Richard Linklater
189. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
190. Peter Bogdanovich
191. Georges Franju
192. Tomas Gutierrez Alea
193. Rene Clair
194. Bob Fosse
195. John Schlesinger
196. Shohei Imamura
197. Don Siegel
198. Robert Hamer
199. Ben Sharpsteen
200. Peter Jackson
201. Harold Ramis
202. John Woo
203. Robert Mulligan
204. Albert and David Maysles/Charlotte Zwerin
205. Peter Watkins
206. Fred Zinnemann
207. Lindsay Anderson
208. Blake Edwards
209. Ken Russell
210. David Hand
211. Mel Brooks
212. Leni Riefenstahl
213. George Roy Hill
214. Victor Sjostrom
215. Charles Burnett
216. Ermanno Olmi
217. Guru Dutt
218. Oliver Stone
219. Todd Haynes
220. Frank Borzage
221. Marcel Ophuls
222. Aki Kaurismaki
223. Irvin Kershner
224. Giuseppe Tornatore
225. Nelson Pereira dos Santos
226. Peter Greenaway
227. Wes Anderson
228. Dario Argento
229. Jonathan Demme
230. D.A. Pennebaker
231. Jonas Mekas
232. John Hughes
233. Kenneth Anger
234. Francesco Rosi
235. Jacques Becker
A Note on the 2017 Updates And More
236. John Landis
237. Claude Chabrol
238. Monte Hellman
239. Christopher Nolan
240. Alan Pakula
241. Pedro Costa
242. Lana and Lily Wachowski
243. Alejandro Jodorowsky
244. Danny Boyle
245. Jack Clayton
246. Bob Rafelson
247. John Frankenheimer
248. Louis Feuillade
249. Masaki Kobayashi
250. Takeshi Kitano

But I shall also add the directors from the 2016 edition of the 21st Century list (which is a mess but whatever):

251. Alfonso Cuaron
252. Michel Gondry
253. Alexander Payne
254. Darren Aronofsky
255. Lucrecia Martel
256. Kathryn Bigelow
257. Steven Soderbergh
258. Nuri Bilge Ceylan
259. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
260. Bong Joon-ho
261. Spike Jonze
262. Sofia Coppola
263. Wang Bing
264. Olivier Assayas
265. Guillermo Del Toro
266. Steve McQueen
267. Fernando Meirelles

But that is not enough! No, I need to include the directors who fell off the 2015 edition.

268. Jerry Lewis
269. Jan Svankmajer
270. Philip Kaufman
271. Rouben Mamoulian
272. John Lasseter

Five more white dudes? No. To finish it off, I needed a round(ish) number and to include some more diversity, because consensus always rallies around a certain crowd that favors narrative and English/European works. So, here are some directors who I feel deserve to have their voices heard a little more and who I’ve been meaning to explore a bit.

273. Leos Carax
274. Lynne Ramsay
275. Satoshi Kon
276. Hong Sang-soo
277. Sion Sono
278. Hollis Frampton
279. Lukas Moodysson
280. Asghar Farhadi
281. Corneliu Porumboio
282. Lee Chang-dong
283. Raul Ruiz
284. Jacques Doillon
285. Joao Cesar Monteiro
286. Andrea Arnold
287. James Benning
288. John M. Stahl
289. Marcel Pagnol
290. Edgar G. Ulmer
291. Wen Jiang
292. Kelly Reichardt
293. Guy Maddin
294. Michael Roemer
295. Nicole Holofcener
296. Haile Gerima
297. Xavier Dolan
298. Yoshishige Yoshida
299. Paul Morrissey
300. John Waters
301. Catherine Breillat
302. Bruno Dumont
303. Mario Bava
304. Park Chan-wook
305. Abderrahmane Sissako
306. Andrzej Zulawski
307. Harmony Korine
308. Lisandro Alonso
309. John Sayles
310. Julia Loktev
311. Derek Jarman
312. Philip Ridley
313. Andrey Zvyagintsev
314. Julian Hernandez
315. Hiroshi Teshigahara
316. Patrice Chereau
317. Todd Solondz
318. Noah Baumbach
319. Arnaud Desplechin
320. Jonathan Glazer
321. Isao Takahata
322. Celine Sciamma
323. Kenneth Lonergan
324. Abdellatif Kechiche
325. Dusan Makavejev
326. Maren Ade
327. Miguel Gomes
328. James Gray
329. Mohsen Makhmalbaf
330. Jafar Panahi
331. Roy Andersson
332. Jacques Audiard
333. Otar Iosseliani…who I will be starting with as I work my way to the top!

Tune in! It will likely take me years, and I do want to keep up with watching years in review, but this is still a great introduction to all sorts of canons, from the generic to the personal.


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