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1937 in Review


Nominees that didn’t make it:
10. Captains Courageous-some people like this sort of thing, they are mad
9. Life of Emile Zola-biopics are fun!
8. 100 Men and a Girl-blah, Deanna Durbin
7. In Old Chicago-harmlessly dumb
6. The Good Earth-looks gorgeous, if only the racist casting would stop talking

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325 Great Directors: Dusan Makavejev

“It’s very difficult to say what makes you get involved in movies. You just see so many movies that at some point it becomes part of your life. As soon as you see ten, they become part of you. Movies always follow us as reference material or as some kind of dreamlike material for dealing with things we don’t understand in our lives. Movies give us solutions, or provide a whispering commentary on what is happening around us.” Continue reading