1938 in Review


Nominees that didn’t make it:
10. Boys Town-baaaaaarf
9. Alexander’s Ragtime Band-why on earth would this be anyone’s favorite song
8. The Citadel-only funny in how much it hates doctors
7. Test Pilot-why so long for such fluff
6. Four Daughters-Less Mature Women

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30. The Dybbuk
Fascinating in its incompetency.
Favorite Moment: First song.
29. Joy of Living
Funny, albeit dependent on Dunne making all the creeps in her life (including the love interest) seem…rootworthy?
Favorite Moment: The song to the twins.
28. The Cowboy and the Lady
Like an epic romance with so little fat that it becomes tasteless.
Favorite Moment: First meeting.
27. You Can’t Take It With You
Aggressively reliant on quirk…although I guess it has its charms? This won a Pulitzer?
Favorite Moment: End of the court scene.
26. Vivacious Lady
Very silly and dumb, but enjoyable.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
25. Mad Miss Manton
Stanwyck was always representative of capitalism but this was this in extreme.
Favorite Moment: Death fakeout.
24. The Shining Hour
I like everyone involved with this, that’s the sole reason why it’s this high.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
23. White Banners
Sweet and simple. Would be a decent kids’ movie if it wasn’t so insistently obscure.
Favorite Moment: Animated cooler.
22. Masseurs and a Woman
Very light and enjoyable. Ozu and Mizoguchi worshipping Shimizu feels like Malick’s love for dumb comedies.
Favorite moment: Opening walk.
21. Hotel du Nord
Like a really good student film.
Favorite Moment: Opening dinner.
20. Jezebel
First act dissolves into pointless male codes of honor. Davis pretty great but Bainter the real star.
Favorite Moment: The dance.
19. The Young in Heart
Corny, but charming thanks to Gaynor.
Favorite Moment: Dominoes.
18. Carefree
By Astaire/Rogers standards, a Lynch film.
Favorite Moment: That disgusting meal.
17. Marie Antoinette
Way too fucking long but Shearer and Morley never cease being watchable underneath all the delightful fancies.
Favorite Moment: Final act revolving around guillotine prep.
16. The Shopworn Angel
Gets by solely on the strength of…
Favorite Moment: The ending.

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BEST ACTING (Finalists in bold)
Nominees that didn’t make it (Actor):
5. Spencer Tracy, Boys Town-much better than his last win but in an infinitely worse film
4. Charles Boyer, Algiers-he hated this for being such a ripoff and was right
3. Robert Donat, The Citadel-fine, but flat

Nominees that didn’t make it (Actress):
None, good job Academy for the second year in a row!

Nominees that didn’t make it (S. Actor):
N/A. Walter Brennan, Kentucky-still to be found
4. Basil Rathbone, If I Were King-…you’d hopefully star in something funnier
3. Gene Lockhart, Algiers-what did he even do
2. John Garfield, Four Daughters-one of many cliches in a bad movie

Nominees that didn’t make it (S. Actress):
5. Miliza Korjus, The Great Waltz-you can hit the notes, good job
4. Beulah Bondi, Of Human Hearts-amazing how this is so pale in comparison to Make Way for Tomorrow
3. Spring Byington, You Can’t Take It With You-fine, but barely in the movie

James Cagney, Angels With Dirty Faces-never more three dimensional in his mannerisms
Gary Cooper, Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife
Marcel Dalio, Grand Illusion
Errol Flynn, Adventures of Robin Hood
Jean Gabin, La Bete Humaine
Jean Gabin, Grand Illusion
Jean Gabin, Port of Shadows
Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby
Cary Grant, Holiday
Leslie Howard, Pygmalion-so awful that I can’t tell if it’s too far or just right
George Raft, You and Me
Claude Rains, White Banners
Robert Taylor, Three Comrades

Jean Arthur, You Can’t Take It With You
Fay Bainter, White Banners-committed to thinking in a light role
Claudette Colbert, Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife
Bette Davis, Jezebel-begins to get her own persona
Irene Dunne, Joy of Living
Janet Gaynor, Young in Heart
Katharine Hepburn, Bringing Up Baby
Katharine Hepburn, Holiday
Wendy Hiller, Pygmalion-has fun with her voice
Margaret Lockwood, Lady Vanishes
Michele Morgan, Port of Shadows
Tuulikki Paanenen, Stolen Death
Norma Shearer, Marie Antoinette-all sorts of modes, all carried off nicely
Sylvia Sidney, You and Me
Simone Simon, La Bete Humaine
Margaret Sullavan, Shopworn Angel
Margaret Sullavan, Three Comrades-sad and sweet and has the world on her shoulders

Lew Ayres, Holiday
Humphrey Bogart, Angels With Dirty Faces
Pierre Brasseur, Port of Shadows
Pierre Fresnay, Grand Illusion
Edward Everett Horton, Holiday
Warren Hymer, Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife
Henry Kolker, Holiday
Fernand Ledoux, La Bete Humaine
Robert Morley, Marie Antoinette-an honest to god human piece of 30s comic relief
Pat O’Brien, Angels With Dirty Faces
Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne, Lady Vanishes
Claude Rains, Adventures of Robin Hood
Michel Simon, Port of Shadows
Franchot Tone, Three Comrades
Erich von Stroheim, Grand Illusion
Robert Young, Three Comrades

Fay Bainter, Jezebel-watchful and full of personality
Binnie Barnes, Holiday
Beulah Bondi, Vivacious Lady
Billie Burke, Merrily We Live-the one original thing in a plagiarized movie
Olivia de Havilland, Adventures of Robin Hood
Jean Dixon, Holiday
Gladys George, Marie Antoinette
Doris Nolan, Holiday
Dita Parlo, Grand Illusion
May Robson, Bringing Up Baby
Ann Sheridan, Angels With Dirty Faces
May Whitty, Lady Vanishes

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