303 Great Directors: Mario Bava

“My fantasies are always horrible. For example, I love my young daughter more than anything else in the world, but when I dream of her its always frightening. Do you want to know what character is haunting my subconscious? A violinist who serenades the woman he loves by playing on the tendons of his arms. Everyday life works on my imagination. Just this morning I found a letter, still sealed, from a friend who has since died, written to me ten years ago. It was like receiving a letter from a dead person. What would you do in my place? I burned it…”

Why This Director?
: Not all giallo is Argento, so why not acquaint myself with the other big name?

My Last Experience Was…: No.

What Did I Watch: Kill Baby Kill. (No real reason for the choice, but I deliberately avoided the consensus favorite in Black Sunday.)

Where Does He Fit: When searching for a copy of Kill Baby Kill, one must be careful to avoid dubs, as the opening minutes all began with a woman moaning before a whole bunch of nonsense in the English language. But I knew the film was in Italian, and found it, and thus found that the film actually opening with a woman fucking SHRIEKING like she wanted to destroy her own vocal cords, running away from something and dying on a fence. She’s the best actress in a movie that is nevertheless enjoyable as all out get, featuring a deeply stupid script that barely has any logic yet still totally works. It’s a deeply stupid dream where a sudden zoom and the music getting way louder is worth a thousand words thanks to the deep pleasures of watching someone who must have been the model for Elvira icily stare at these moronic people and their beliefs that will damn them in this shitty village. Giacomi Rossi-Stuart would be right at home in a Hitchcock, a perfectly bland, vaguely handsome and well off looking male, the kind you can project your own personality onto with a female love interest in the form of a medical student that matches him nicely even on an aesthetic level. You can tell that this is a very talented craftsman who is working on the cheap to make horrors that nevertheless look nice. The village is somehow convincingly lived in and so very rural, even if it’s been prettied up by the cast.


Most Valuable Asset: !??!?!?
Most Excited For: Black Sunday.

Coming Up Next: Gloomy Frenchman Bruno Dumont.

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