279 Great Directors: Lukas Moodysson

“I was very surprised when my first book came out that it didn’t get more attention than it did. I remember thinking, ‘Why are people just walking on the street? Why don’t they just stop and stand on the corner and read my book? What is wrong with them?'”

Why This Director?
: Yay for Swedish cinema.

My Last Experience Was…: N/A

What Did I Watch: Together.

Where Does He Fit: The whole of Together is bathed in a lovely shade of red, the color of the commune’s walls as they celebrate Franco’s death and the camera zooms in on their weird little idiosyncrasies. They are all horribly ineffective individuals, unable to avoid breaking each other’s hearts and getting into arguments no matter how much they try and avoid it, with everyone being perfectly drab and Swedish in their stylings despite such a vivid lifestyle. Also, lots of ABBA on the soundtrack! My favorite band of them all helps everything become a party, and this be a new favorite of mine. Humanism is hard to come by, but it gets used nicely on this group of lunatics, even as Elizabeth finds herself outside of her abusive relationship thanks to feminists.


Most Valuable Asset: Cynical humanism.
Most Excited For: Show Me Love.

Coming Up Next: Experimentalist Hollis Frampton.


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