278 Great Directors: Hollis Frampton

“I was born during the Age of Machines. A machine was a thing made up of distinguishable ‘parts’ organized in imitation of some function of the human body. Machines were said to ‘work.’ How a machine ‘worked’ was readily apparent to an adept, from inspection of the shape of its ‘parts.’ The physical principles by which machines ‘worked’ were intuitively verifiable. The cinema was the typical survival-form of the Age of Machines. Together with its subset of still photographs, it performed prizeworthy functions: it taught and reminded us (after what then seemed a bearable delay) how things looked, how things worked, how to do things… and of course (by example), how to feel and think. We believed it would go on forever, but when I was a little boy, the Age of Machines ended. We should not be misled by the electric can opener: small machines proliferate now as though they were going out of style because they are doing precisely that. Cinema is the Last Machine. It is probably the last art that will reach the mind through the senses.”

Why This Director?
: Experimental film is underrepresented.

My Last Experience Was…: N/A

What Did I Watch: His only feature, Zorns Lemma.

Where Does He Fit: Awesome. Breathtaking. Cool. Destructive. Excellent. Fun. Gross. Humorous. Interesting. Joking. Kill. Love. Maim. Note. Odd. Pathetic. Quick. Rapid. Slow. Tiring. Uninteresting. Violent. Weird. Xylophone. Yes. Zorns Lemma.


Most Valuable Asset: His crazy theoretical mind.
Most Excited For: (nostalgia)

Coming Up Next: Sion Sono, random nut.


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