277 Great Directors: Sion Sono

“He is too much of a ‘god’ in Japanese movie history, and the history can not be refreshed unless we become anti-Ozu. I have nothing personal against him, but I have to declare I am anti-Ozu in order to move forward.”

Why This Director?
: You hear about Love Exposure and want to watch it, yes?

My Last Experience Was…: N/A

What Did I Watch: Love Exposure

Where Does He Fit: Well, this is a movie. Mysteries of Lisbon’s four hour running time was literary yet cinematic, but this is pure cinema in that it gives no fucks about good acting or realism, simply four straight hours of nonsense being thrown together to make a treatise on…something sexual? Fuck knows. Upskirt photography, deliberate sinning, drag makeouts, a lot of ridiculous over the top gore that feels like a parody of those “look at how weird Japan is” videos, an exaggerated hyper-reality with lots of heavenly choirs during sexual parts, and just a general lack of fucks given. Sion Sono is certainly an auteur worthy of respect, even if his talents are questionable.


Most Valuable Asset: Um…
Most Excited For: The Whispering Star, if it ever gets a release.

Coming Up Next: Hong Sang-soo, romantic comedian.


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