264 Great Directors: Olivier Assayas

“I like the adventure of making films. And the adventure of making films has to do with the capacity you have of listening to your guts.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Very prolific, very talented…although it looks like he peaked in the 90s?

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: I guess Something in the Air? Spoiler alert: this was the first one that I loved.

What Did I Watch: Irma Vep.

Where Does He Fit: One of the best films about making them, Irma Vep is utterly batshit, from its homages to crappy Chinese action to the production being dictated by a stalwart of the French New Wave who looks to be past his prime in plenty of ways, while Maggie Cheung has been imported into a world of lesbian costume designers and scheming crew members. Why remake Les Vampires? That is silly, but paying homage to it is sure isn’t, especially when we finally enter the feelings of the character. All we need is some Sonic Youth and a little venom with our eternal work of art.


Most Valuable Asset: Batshit urges mixed with Rohmer urges.
Most Excited For: Demonlover.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes.

Coming Up Next: Wang Bing, epic documentarian. (Tie Xi Qu is 9 hours, so I will likely watch it piecemeal with other directors in between, then release all the posts over the course of days.)


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