263 Great Directors: Wang Bing

“There was just two people, me and the photographer. Just the two of us, and sometimes just the one of us filming, so I might be in a different room and he would be filming, and I would tell him what to film. Sometimes it would be me filming and he would be resting somewhere. So that doesn’t actually create a lot of presence, because it was so few people.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Tie Xi Qu got in and very high on passion alone.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: No.

What Did I Watch: Tie Xi Qu.

Where Does He Fit: The first four hours, the Rust sequence, are fascinating as pure cinema but not to my flavor overall in how little content there is beyond just sticking us into the daily grind and looking out the windows of snowy trains. We don’t really get a grasp of humanity until we hit Remnants, where a lottery and people’s goals and the stupid little things they waste money on all come to catch up with them over three much more productive hours. Rails is more of the same, with the scale being arguably even smaller in its focus. Shoah is not what I’d want every documentary to take a cue from, but it works excellently here.


Most Valuable Asset: Life is long and horrible.
Most Excited For: Til Madness Do Us Part.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: I suppose? I need to acquaint myself with more of his work, but this is plenty of great material.

Coming Up Next: The most popular female director today, Sofia Coppola.

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