251 Great Directors: Alfonso Cuaron

“When people see some depth you never intended that’s really cool, you just put on a face and say “Oh, yeah, that was deep”. What are you going to say? I’m just a moron with luck?”

What Got This Director Here?
: His 21st Century trilogy of the human experience, in a very vague sense.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Gravity, with the caveat that this Children of Men viewing was a long overdue rewatch since I suspected it was the actual best one. (Spoiler: I was right.)

What Did I Watch: Children of Men rewatch/Y Tu Mama Tambien.

Where Does He Fit: On the day this country inaugurated a Fascist as President and a Vice President who believes fetuses deserve more respect than gay men, I watched three movies. Citizen Ruth, which fit the assault on women that is about to happen even if I would have preferred even more conservative mocking. Mood Indigo, which fit the nausea I felt. And a long overdue Children of Men rewatch, which was pretty much just what the doctor ordered, as I came away wondering if this is what’s to come, with an infertility crisis that sounds downright rosy thanks to climate change. Sure, the dialogue is slightly harsher than I remember (why is Julianne Moore reminding Clive Owen who she is, despite the 20 years apart?)…but the car ambush, Theo crying by the tree, the final shootout…the world really has gone mad. Can we make it through this, with Le Pen and other fascists around the corner? Who will become the leader of the free world?

Thank goodness for Y Tu Mama Tambien for reminding us all that this will pass, a case of the leadership slowly withering away in the background even when the two young boys are benefiting from their privilege as they travel and get manipulated by Maribel Verdu. It’s thematically dense, yet totally casual, and the drollness of the narrator adds to a certain sense of epicness even as the boys don’t do much beyond act like little babies over their past relationships and their jealousy. When they finally make out, it’s cathartic, but then it all comes to a deliberately unsatisfying end.


Most Valuable Asset: Stories can be all sorts of things, especially when they involve sex and politics.
Most Excited For: A Little Princess (but really, his upcoming film).
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes. Get him on the all-time list NOW.

Coming Up Next: We begin the 2016 Top 250 right when the list is on the verge of being updated for 2017! First up, Takeshi Kitano.


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