242 Great Directors: Lana and Lily Wachowski

“There is also something we find—our films often have a populist packaging about them that seems to mean, particularly to critics and a lot of writers about cinema, that our work can instantly be reduced, or labeled in very reductive ways. And they refuse, almost, to engage with it with a more profound, honest, authentic investigation into meaning. And that has caused us to resist the dialogue somewhat, because it would just provide them with material to be more and more reductive about them.”

What Got This Director Here?
: The Matrix’s phenomenon status. Ironic, because…

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Cloud Atlas. Batshit masterpiece.

What Did I Watch: Bound.

Where Do They Fit: Jennifer Tilly’s voice is what makes the first, immediate impression in Bound. It’s so husky and whispery, perfect for a movie that straddles the line between noir and lesbian pulp where she fits right into both worlds. The movie is coldly mechanical in how it operates, rather unlike the batshit movements of their bigger budget stuff. So little meat on the bones, but it all tastes good thanks to how deliciously weird and pervy this is in the way it tricks the audience into not rooting for these characters. Audience identification is thrown out the window altogether, and it’s all such fun.


Most Valuable Asset: Omnisexuality transferred into writing-they embrace everything possible.
Most Excited For: Speed Racer.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes, and they’re appropriately placed to boot.

Coming Up Next: Slow chronicler of poverty Pedro Costa.


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