On the 2017 TSPDT Update

Things will be proceeding as normal, but due to the fact that Philippe Garrel was not covered at all for this project while the others were (and I’m not sure what I was thinking by omitting him), I might be giving him a bonus entry even if that ruins the fun nature of 333.

As for the new inclusions and people who fell off: it’s mostly an improvement. Kershner was overdue to go and Rafelson’s reputation is tenuous as hell. I have no strong feelings on Mekas leaving, but the losses of Hughes/Landis/Jodorowsky/Kobayashi are sad, and Clayton falling off is a goddamn tragedy.

But the inclusions, on the whole, make up for it. I respect Wang Bing and Michel Gondry will always have Eternal Sunshine to his name. I look forward to becoming acquainted with Garrel. Makhmalbaf and Ulmer are worthy inclusions, and my only response to Jarman, Bigelow, and Cuaron getting spots is “about fucking time.”
L’Enfant Secret is pretty good.


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