228 Great Directors: Dario Argento

“Horror is the future. And you cannot be afraid. You must push everything to the absolute limit or else life will be boring. People will be boring. Horror is like a serpent; always shedding its skin, always changing. And it will always come back. It can’t be hidden away like the guilty secrets we try to keep in our subconscious.”

What Got This Director Here?
: His 70s/80s stuff, and at the risk of being deeply morbid, he’d probably be Top 100 if he’d died after Opera.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: N/A.

What Did I Watch: Suspiria.

Where Does He Fit: Suspiria is a collaboration between goblins and witches, fueled by Dario Argento’s insistence on Steadicam and colors to make this world of the supernatural truly pop. The hacking la la las of the score as our leading lady drives in the cab in the thunderstorm to end them all is exactly the right mood to get into, with a scheme designed to make us question what it is like to be in the state of mind of a horror movie character, rather than an exploration of what malefic witches in a ballet academy actually do. The Three Mothers trilogy gets the debut it deserves, and it is an all-timer.


Most Valuable Asset: Color! Music! Sound!
Most Excited For: Well, in a certain sense, Inferno. But really, Deep Red.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes.

Coming Up Next: Quirky dioramas via Wes Anderson.


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