219 Great Directors: Todd Haynes

“I mean, making a film is so scary and there’s such a kind of void that you’re working from initially. I mean, you can have all the ideas and be as prepared as possible, but you’re also still bringing people together and saying, “Trust me”, even when you don’t necessarily trust every element. You’re making something out of nothing and it requires so many people’s collaborative efforts and participation that it seems like at any moment it could just fall through the cracks and be gone forever.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Well, ideally ALL OF IT.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Safe.

What Did I Watch: Superstar.

Where Does He Fit: Despite straddling the line between feature and short in a way that is fascinating and frustrating, and being forever rendered in terrible quality due to its illegal nature, Todd Haynes’ first major work is just that. The Barbie dolls are legitimately frightening in how their figures don’t change but they shake anyway. Body politics have become totally deconstructed thanks to that VHS bootleg tape, as she blurs and melts as if she was roasted on a fire. In some ways, you could call this like a John Carpenter work…


Most Valuable Asset: The boundary of artifice and reality.
Most Excited For: Wonderstruck, when it comes out.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Duh.

Coming Up Next: Notorious crazy man, Oliver Stone.


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