216 Great Directors: Ermanno Olmi

“The sensation is that these choices of mine are not only mine but that others have them too, I really don’t feel exclusive…My ambition instead, perhaps because of my peasant-worker background, is to look at the world with others, not as an aristocratic intellectual.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Tree of Wooden Clogs.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: N/A. (I missed the chance to see Tree in theaters because of an event conflict, which I’m really mad about.)

What Did I Watch: Il Posto.

Where Does He Fit: Il Posto’s main detriment is the lead, who is over-underacting if such a thing is possible. This isn’t a major detriment, though, as the part is meant to be someone boring and flat who winds up in a Kafka type of employment, thwarted from being in love and stuck buying expensive clothing meant to impress, only to wind up separated altogether. It’s a miserable experience, in a way, but there’s something very relaxing about all this architecture, like Antonioni’s La Notte rendered as a working environment rather than a social one. Perhaps that’s the more fitting use of such foreboding structures.


Most Valuable Asset: Sad sense of realism.
Most Excited For: Tree of Wooden Clogs.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Sure.

Coming Up Next: African American experience chronicler, Charles Burnett.

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