214 Great Directors: Victor Sjostrom

“The place where wild strawberries grow!” (Yes, this counts.)

What Got This Director Here?
: The Wind/The Phantom Carriage in conjunction.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: The Wind.

What Did I Watch: He Who Gets Slapped.

Where Does He Fit: Sjostrom, for some reason, does not go as bizarro with the visuals as he did in The Wind or The Phantom Carriage or even A Man There Was. This is a very story oriented silent film that focuses on the tale of a man’s downfall that never seems to stop, going from an inventor to a clown that allows himself to be beaten up by the others. The last laugh is truly the best, and when the people who ruined his old life re-enter we get some good old fashioned primal questions that aren’t really excused visually. Give me insane ghosts and winds and water, not this, but it’s still a fun little quandary.


Most Valuable Asset: Whatever oddness is included is omnipresent.
Most Excited For: Seen all the good stuff.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes.

Coming Up Next: George Roy Hill, BP winner of 1973.


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