203 Great Directors: Robert Mulligan

“You’ve got to have compassion. You’re able to look at and think if only you could allow other things into your head, into your family, into your relaionship with your wife.”

What Got This Director Here?
: To Kill a Mockingbird.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: TKAM is the only one I’ve seen, and I think it’s pretty overrated.

What Did I Watch: Same Time Next Year (I guess I should’ve gone with Love With the Proper Stranger).

Where Does He Fit: Same Time Next Year is simply ghastly, a movie that is everything The Big Chill was accused of being in its ode to baby boomers and their boring taste. I cannot believe that this movie got four Academy Award nominations when it is dreadful in all respects and features a performance from Ellen Burstyn that seals the final nail into the coffin, for the decision to not play this horribly corny and dated material as a farce is what could have maybe made it worthwhile. Her and Alan Alda are playing characters who meet once per year, but go through such hilariously schizophrenic shifts that you have to wonder how the play succeeded with critics. Also, those damn photo montages that are used as transition, one of which features To Kill a Mockingbird! Holy hell. Robert Mulligan is officially on my shit list for now.


Most Valuable Asset: I guess he’s a humanist.
Most Excited For: Love With the Proper Stranger.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: No.

Coming Up Next: Hong Kong’s primary action director, John Woo.


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