201 Great Directors: Harold Ramis

“Everything we see has some hidden message. A lot of awful messages are coming in under the radar – subliminal consumer messages, all kinds of politically incorrect messages…”

What Got This Director Here?
: Groundhog Day, with a little Caddyshack/Family Vacation. And the stuff he wrote of course.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Caddyshack.

What Did I Watch: Groundhog Day, which I’d somehow never seen.

Where Does He Fit: Harold Ramis was a talented writer whose direction was usually rather pedestrian and invisible, which works fine for Caddyshack and Family Vacation but is a little more troublesome for Groundhog Day, which has his best script in combination with his least inspired direction. We badly needed a Michel Gondry for this even if it might be a little too Eternal Sunshine, but there are a few other problems in the form of Andie MacDowell’s pretty awful performance (so soon after Sex Lies and Videotape, too) and the fact that the side cast is a bit much. Still, Murray is wonderful, and my alma mater sort of gets a shoutout!


Most Valuable Asset: Humor.
Most Excited For: Uh…Analyze This? I think I’m done with his directed works, though.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Maybe if the list was expanded, but Top 250 is generous.

Coming Up Next: Lord of Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson.


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