191 Great Directors: Georges Franju

“I admit I’m much more sensitive to the scenic than the dynamic. When I was tiny I saw a fire for the first time, and afterwards I saw the façade with nothing behind. I’ve kept the vision of something very artificial and strange-a façade with nothing behind. And what was in front of it? Space…now haunted…”

What Got This Director Here?
: Eyes Without a Face.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Blood of the Beasts.

What Did I Watch: Eyes Without a Face.

Where Does He Fit: Franju’s sense of surrealism was heightened by deep seated exhaustion occurring while I watched Eyes Without a Face, but I really was fascinated by several sequences even if some of the stuff in between is a bit thin on the ground. Edith Scob wandering around in that mask is astonishing, and so is the surgery sequence, but all that set up, even for a 90 minute movie, feels very “get it over with!” Franju’s sense of weirdness might be better suited for documentaries about animal slaughter, but this is still great, I just hope that I can get on a less sleepy wavelength.


Most Valuable Asset: Weirdness is everywhere.
Most Excited For: Judex (even though the original Feuillade bored me frequently).
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Maybe.

Coming Up Next: Peter Bogdanovich, Depression student.


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