184 Great Directors: Terence Davies

“I don’t like being gay. It has ruined my life. I am celibate, although I think I would have been celibate even if I was straight because I’m not good-looking; why would anyone be interested in me? And nobody has been. Work was my substitute.”

What Got This Director Here?
: His autobiographical works-DVSL and Long Day Closes.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Of Time and the City, but really, so many good choices.

What Did I Watch: Distant Voices Still Lives.

Where Does He Fit: Distant Voices Still Lives isn’t meant to be a perfect autobiography, and yet it is. The closest thing we have to a Davies stand in winds up getting married to a woman (gasp!) yet there’s never any doubt that him and his sisters are grasping onto nostalgia yet also trying to keep it at bay, all centered around their abusive father (Pete Postlethwaite, best in show) and what comes after he dies. It’s a musical, but not in a showy way since people simply sit and sing while the girls complain about how horrible the men in their lives are. It’s poetry in motion.


Most Valuable Asset: Memory is hard and wonderful.
Most Excited For: House of Mirth.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Absolutely.

Coming Up Next: German Expressionist originator, Robert Wiene.


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