183 Great Directors: Robert Wiene

“[couldn’t find a quote]”

What Got This Director Here?
: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

What Did I Watch: Hands of Orlac.

Where Does He Fit: The Hands of Orlac is no Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (what is?) but it’s still deliciously ominous stuff, a case of Wiene’s Expressionism being put to a very different sort of vision that hums away creepily while feeling a bit more grounded in the real world. (Imagine a train in the cabinet’s world, no matter how much it steams away.) Veidt’s acting is perfectly suited to this particular picture, with hand acting that is bulged and straining and wrong. You can tell that yes, those fingers are possessed with something evil, and not just a murderer’s spirit that would make him go mad.


Most Valuable Asset: Silence and sets.
Most Excited For: Uh…
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Cabinet is an all-timer but I don’t know if that alone warrants it.

Coming Up Next: China’s epic maker, Chen Kaige.


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