167 Great Directors: Ritwik Ghatak

“Film-making is not an esoteric thing to me. I consider film-making – to start with – a personal thing. If a person does not have a vision of his own, he cannot create.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Cloud-Capped Star mostly.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: N/A.

What Did I Watch: Cloud-Capped Star.

Where Does He Fit: Trying to judge Cloud-Capped Star in its current condition is tricky. Similarly to Guru Dutt’s two most acclaimed works, this is a film where the English subtitles and the film’s quality are not where they should be, but you can absolutely tell that there is something gorgeous going on underneath thanks to how magnificent the sound design is and the way the shots are blocked so damn unusually. Noise is always floating around in the lives of this family, which makes the final moment of silence even more painful, but I really need to see this again in ideal circumstances.


Most Valuable Asset: Sound design.
Most Excited For: Golden Thread.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: He certainly has a vision, so maybe.

Coming Up Next: George Stevens, underrated prestige director.


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