136 Great Directors: Fei Mu

“[couldn’t find a quote]”

What Got This Director Here?
: Spring in a Small Town.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: I had seen Confucius. (It’s okay.)

What Did I Watch: Spring in a Small Town.

Where Does He Fit: Spring in a Small Town is a tough one to judge because it’s a small, delicate film that exists in hideous condition thanks to Communist governments hating art. The story is a simple piece of melodrama that involves five character archetypes slowly making their way around the ruins of their lives, a potent metaphor that Fei Mu shoots beautifully thanks to his use of dissolves and camera movement that keeps people trapped in the frame or out of it. It’s a great little movie, but the hype does it no favors since you really need to enjoy the acting enough to overcome the bad sound, and I am not sure having such flat individuals works.


Most Valuable Asset: Dissolves for time.
Most Excited For: Uh, that’s it.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Not really: it’s a great little movie, but not China’s best, and this is all he ever did.

Coming Up Next: Nagisa Oshima, Japan’s greatest breaker of taboos.

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