127 Great Directors: Apichatpong Weerasethakul

“I was very shy, so I didn’t really interact well with others. My friends were the kids of doctors, because we all lived in the hospital housing unit. Even now I like hospitals – that sterilised smell, it brings back all these memories. I’d see a lot of sick and dying people, but at the time, I didn’t have a big philosophical way of thinking about illness and death. To me, it was just people – they come and go.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Body of work, mostly Tropical Malady.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: N/A

What Did I Watch: Tropical Malady.

Where Does He Fit: From the minute one of the leads in Tropical Malady looked into the camera, I was hooked, but I did not realize until the opening credits had ended that I was actually being seduced, a trick that is used constantly in a soundscape that allures and hypnotizes until you realize you just have to go with it. Hard to decide which half has more to be treasured, and it is a shame that the version I saw was in such lame quality, but the inability to articulate one’s love is both a theme and how I feel in my newfound adoration for this masterpiece.


Most Valuable Asset: Mystery.
Most Excited For: Uncle Boonmee.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes.

Coming Up Next: Experimentalist Stan Brakhage.

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