102 Great Directors: Brian De Palma

“I’ve never been accepted as that conventional artist. Whatever you say about David Lynch or Martin Scorsese, they are considered major film artists and nobody can argue with that. I’ve never had that. I’ve had people say it about me. And I’ve had people say that I’m a complete hack and, you know, derivative and all those catchphrases that people use for me. So I’ve always been controversial. People hate me or love me.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Body of work.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Carrie.

What Did I Watch: The Black Dahlia.

Where Does He Fit: A certain sense of perversity drew me to The Black Dahlia, and I really don’t think I can beat some of the other reviews out there for this one (Nick Davis’ is highly recommended). Fiona Shaw’s performance in this movie is certainly one I will never forget, and she only gets two scenes of dementedness. Mia Kirshner is also fantastic, but everyone else has no idea what they are doing, stuck in some weird universe where nothing quite makes sense and yet it’s all so deliciously chewy. It’s pulp fiction, all right, but with a set of tics all its own. Genuinely like nothing else out there even if that doesn’t make it good per se.


Most Valuable Asset: Loopiness and long takes.
Most Excited For: Blow Out.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes, perversely enough.

Coming Up Next: George Lucas, who ruined the industry.


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