1946 in Review


Nominees that didn’t make it:
None. Good job, Academy.

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61. A Night in Casablanca
A weaker Marx.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
60. Neecha Nagar
Bollywood meets social realism.
Favorite Moment: Opening number.
59. Dragonwyck
Appropriately Gothic considering that title.
Favorite Moment: Drug addict reveal.
58. Men Without Wings
Movie Without Wings.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
57. The Black Angel
Watch only for Lorre.
Favorite Moment: Watery strangling.
56. Ziegfeld Follies
Did The Great Ziegfeld really need a creepy puppet filled sequel?
Favorite Moment: Puppets.
55. From This Day Forward
Not sure what sets this apart from other war melodramas.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
54. To Each His Own
A weird bundle of different genres with a De Havilland performance to match.
Favorite Moment: Deciding whether or not to reveal.
53. The Kid From Brooklyn
Amusing and energetic. Too long, though.
Favorite Moment: Opening number.
52. Make Mine Music
Love the whale and wolf segments. Rest is less good.
Favorite Moment: Peter and the Wolf.
51. The Turning Point
Russian views on WWII turn out to be surprisingly easy. Very hammy acting.
Favorite Moment: Opening plans.
50. The Chase
Too much noir can make you lose appreciation for a solid Detour knockoff.
Favorite Moment: Halfway point twist.
49. The Verdict
Too close to Three Strangers.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
48. Three Strangers
Too close to The Verdict.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
47. Beast With Five Fingers
Solid horror with great hand effects.
Favorite Moment: Hand burns.
46. The Seventh Veil
Like Spellbound but with less Hitchcock.
Favorite Moment: First psych session.
45. The Strange Woman
Ulmer was inconsistently smart.
Favorite Moment: The sight of the back scars.
44. No Regrets For Our Youth
Sort of propaganda, sort of not. Sort of good, sort of not.
Favorite Moment: Dead man’s discovery.
43. The Razor’s Edge
Silly stereotypes go epic On the Road.
Favorite Moment: Opening dance.
42. The Bandit
Cheap and easy melodrama is always nice.
Favorite Moment: Anna Magnani backstage.
41. A Scandal in Paris
Sirk goes for full on silliness. It’s an odd fit.
Favorite Moment: Meeting the monkey.
40. Dark Mirror
Very amusing, but Siodmak’s weakest work that year.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
39. Gates of the Night
Carne’s comedown from his biggest epic.
Favorite Moment: Shouting on the bridge.
38. Harvey Girls
Fun and stupid and colorful.
Favorite Moment: Marjorie Main’s solo.
37. Crisis
Nice to see Bergman had it with actors from the start even with staginess and theatricality everywhere else.
Favorite Moment: Meeting by the water.
36. Bedlam
This is not really a horror movie, and yet it is.
Favorite Moment: Man in the gutters.
35. Falbalas
Fun and stupid. Not what I expected from Becker.
Favorite Moment: Ending.
34. Blithe Spirit
It’s funny enough, and looks gorgeous in that Technicolor way, but it doesn’t add up to much.
Favorite Moment: Seance.
33. Her Sister’s Secret
Weirdness and optimism make a nice little match, but this just might be too empathetic after a certain point.
Favorite Moment: Mardi Gras.
32. It Rains On Our Love
Big and hammy and dramatic, but everyone is committed.
Favorite Moment: Opening rendezvous.
31. Battle of the Rails
Gorgeous explosions and a long slow process.
Favorite Moment: Spider and execution.
30. Dead of Night
Inconsistent, but never fails even if the golf story is in the wrong movie.
Favorite Moment: Frame narrative.
29. Cluny Brown
For better and for worse, the Lubitsch with the least momentum.
Favorite Moment: Pharmacy door.
28. Diary of a Chambermaid
Renoir’s best American work still has some awfully broad comedy in it. Goddard aces.
Favorite Moment: Opening confrontation over maids.
27. Specter of the Rose
Hecht should’ve directed more, but what lunatic writing.
Favorite Moment: Final dance.
26. The Stranger
A peculiarity from Welles that doesn’t mesh, but Young is great.
Favorite Moment: Clock climax.

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BEST ACTING (Finalists in bold)
Nominees that didn’t make it (Actor):
5. Larry Parks, Jolson Story-oh goody, blackface

Nominees that didn’t make it (Actress):
5. Rosalind Russell, Sister Kenny-standard saint biopic playing

Nominees that didn’t make it (S. Actor):
5. Charles Coburn, The Green Years-look at that beard!
4. William Demarest, Jolson Story-the only thing resembling a person

Nominees that didn’t make it (S. Actress):
5. Flora Robson, Saratoga Trunk-some monstrosity of a performance
4. Gale Sondergaard, Anna and the King of Siam-why was she constantly stuck in these roles and why was she bad at them?

Dana Andrews, Best Years of Our Lives
Dana Andrews, Canyon Passage
Jean-Louis Barrault, Children of Paradise
Humphrey Bogart, Big Sleep
Robert Donat, Perfect Strangers
Kirk Douglas, Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Aldo Fabrizi, Rome Open City
Henry Fonda, My Darling Clementine
Glenn Ford, Gilda
John Garfield, Postman Always Rings Twice
Cary Grant, Notorious
Rex Harrison, Blithe Spirit
Van Heflin, Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Trevor Howard, Brief Encounter
Burt Lancaster, The Killers
Birgir Malmsten, It Rains On Our Love
Fredric March, Best Years of Our Lives-stuck in a rut and ready to run
David Niven, A Matter of Life and Death
Laurence Olivier, Henry V-he’s Henry the Fifth he is
Gregory Peck, The Yearling-he was best suited for warm fathers
Tyrone Power, Razor’s Edge
James Stewart, It’s a Wonderful Life-the embodiment of desperation

Arletty, Children of Paradise
Lauren Bacall, Big Sleep
Ingrid Bergman, Notorious
Constance Cummings, Blithe Spirit
Laraine Day, The Locket
Delores Del Rio, La Otra
Paulette Goddard, Diary of a Chambermaid
Olivia de Havilland, To Each Her Own-a bit messy, but certainly gets a lot to play with
Rita Hayworth, Gilda
Kim Hunter, Matter of Life and Death
Celia Johnson, Brief Encounter-absurdly perfect at capturing boredom
Jennifer Jones, Duel in the Sun-not a good performance exactly, but it fits
Deborah Kerr, Perfect Strangers
Barbro Kolberg, It Rains On Our Love
Inga Landgre, Crisis
Dagny Lind, Crisis
Regina Linnanheimo, Restless Blood
Myrna Loy, Best Years of Our Lives
Dorothy McGuire, Spiral Staircase
Michele Morgan, Pastoral Symphony
Barbara Stanwyck, Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Lana Turner, Postman Always Rings Twice
Jane Wyman, The Yearling-way thicker in layers than the usual mothers
Loretta Young, The Stranger

Lionel Barrymore, It’s a Wonderful Life
Pierre Brasseur, Children of Paradise
Walter Brennan, My Darling Clementine
Michael Chekhov, Specter of the Rose
William Conrad, The Killers
Brian Donlevy, Canyon Passage
Harry Feist, Rome Open City
Marius Goring, A Matter of Life and Death
Marcel Herrand, Children of Paradise
Cecil Kellaway, Postman Always Rings Twice
Roger Livesey, A Matter of Life and Death
George Macready, Gilda
Stig Olin, Crisis
Claude Rains, Notorious-a man of his mother…and his wife
Harold Russell, Best Years of Our Lives-a nonperformance, but a great one
Louis Salou, Children of Paradise
Charles Waldron, Big Sleep
H.B. Warner, It’s a Wonderful Life
Clifton Webb, Razor’s Edge-same as Laura to diminished effects, but still fun

Judith Anderson, Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Ethel Barrymore, Spiral Staircase-perhaps a standard old lady, but a spooky one
Anne Baxter, Razor’s Edge-a drunken stereotype that fits right in
Joyce Carey, Brief Encounter
Maria Casares, Children of Paradise
Linda Darnell, My Darling Clementine
Cathy Downs, My Darling Clementine
Ava Gardner, The Killers
Gladys George, Best Years of Our Lives
Lillian Gish, Duel in the Sun-the one human element in this weirdass movie
Gloria Grahame, It’s a Wonderful Life
Everley Gregg, Brief Encounter
Susan Hayward, Canyon Passage
Glynis Johns, Perfect Strangers
Leopoldine Konstantin, Notorious
Marianne Lofgren, Crisis
Anna Magnani, Rome Open City
Dorothy Malone, Big Sleep
Donna Reed, It’s a Wonderful Life
Patricia Roc, Canyon Passage
Gene Tierney, Razor’s Edge
Martha Vickers, Big Sleep
Janis Wilson, Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Teresa Wright, Best Years of Our Lives


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