25 Great Directors: Steven Spielberg

“I think that the Internet is going to effect the most profound change on the entertainment industries combined. And we’re all gonna be tuning into the most popular Internet show in the world, which will be coming from some place in Des Moines. We’re all gonna lose our jobs. We’re all gonna be on the Internet trying to find an audience.”

What Got This Director Here?
: Jaws.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: Jaws.

What Did I Watch: War Horse, which I’d basically forgotten.

Where Does He Fit: John Williams’ score for War Horse is the most aggressively schmaltzy shit I’ve ever heard and should’ve gotten all his Oscar nominations rescinded. I think Spielberg’s approach is gorgeously crafted and surprisingly warrants that 2.5 hour running time when you look at the big picture, but I think the puppetry approach is key to the stage play, as actual horses are just too…kitschy? It’s all very maudlin at points. Still, the cinematography is enough to keep this afloat, although I could never call myself a fan. It’s much better than Lincoln among the “tasteful Spielberg films” and I won’t hear otherwise.


Most Valuable Asset: Smart probing of daddy problems.
Most Excited For: Duel?
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes, but there’s better stuff out there.

Coming Up Next: French New Wave humanist Francois Truffaut.


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