20 Great Directors: Michelangelo Antonioni

“I always try to follow a certain pattern and work without thinking of the audience. It is not that I dislike my audience; I am not an intellectual, but I believe that films should not be made to entertain the audience, earn money or achieve popularity. I think that films should be made to be as good as possible. And it seems to me that this is the best way to work and to be trustworthy in the world of cinema.”

What Got This Director Here?
: L’Avventura.

My Favorite Past Experience Was…: L’Avventura.

What Did I Watch: Il Grido.

Where Does He Fit: Il Grido is easily one of the weirdest things Antonioni ever came up with even if it was early in his career and he was starting to find his way through the paces. The father spends most of his time slowly wandering through a landscape and being a shit to various women in his life, but it’s the world itself that is interesting: a constantly cold and dead place that doesn’t hate its protagonist so much as it doesn’t care, so it leaves itself gray and dull. Going to have to give this one a proper rewatch at some point, because it’s so strange to me and I just saw it.


Most Valuable Asset: Space and time.
Most Excited For: Blowup.
Did They Deserve a Spot?: Yes.

Coming Up Next: Master of the silent, F.W. Murnau.


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