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Essay #7: My Own Private Idaho

Andrew Reichel

ENGL 368-Watching Movies

Prof. Spadoni


Mike’s Own Private Fantasies in My Own Private Idaho

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Essay #6, Five Easy Pieces

Click here for explanation of the essays. My last essay to date (two more coming eventually though) is focused on Five Easy Pieces (1970, dir. Bob Rafaelson). I’d say it’s the best one since Nashville? It did get the highest grade and the most praise.

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Essay #2, The Lives of Others

For my second paper in the essay series-see here for an explanation of how it works-I wrote about The Lives of Others (2006, dir. Florian von Donnersmarck). I don’t consider this my best work, with the film-as-a-whole papers frequently requiring a commitment level that a busy/lazy college student can only sometimes match. Unaltered from the original except for the picture.

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Essay #1, Nashville

In the film classes I take, we are required to write two essays per semester. For the first, we’re given a selection of films and have to analyze a scene from that film. For the second, we pick a different film from the same selection and analyze it as a whole. Sometimes we must use a course reading as well.

I’ve decided to publish the first six essays for the sake of variety in the content here. My first essay focuses on Nashville’s (1975, dir. Robert Altman) ending. I consider it one of the better essays, in part because it’s easily my favorite of the six films I’ve written essays on. When I get to 1975 in the Year in Review project, Nashville wins. Spoiler alert!

The essay itself is unedited from the original form aside from the pictures I added. Unfortunately the bibliography for citing the course reading was placed in the document I used for the proper formatting, which is lost. My apologies to Richard Maltby-consider this an informal citation. It was shoehorned in because I had to use it anyway.

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