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HMWYBS Season 7 Finale: Splash + A New Project Announcement

I am BACK! After choosing to take some time off from HMWYBS to focus on watching movies from the 30s in a fairly chronological order, I have decided to return for the finale of HMWYBS, focusing on childhood favorite Splash…and, well, I need an excuse to pimp out something new that I’m working on that will hopefully get a following.

We’ll start with the Best Shot, and be warned: NSFW stuff ahead. And a LOT of text with regards to my upcoming plan.
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HMWYBS 713: Marlene Dietrich

Isn’t it nice when the universe works out this way? For the latest HMWYBS episode, we were told to choose between Morocco and Blonde Venus for a Dietrich episode. I had Morocco coming up on my schedule for the next installment of my year in review project, and I recently got to see Blue Angel in 35mm to boot, which made a nice segway.

This also marked a mildly special occasion: my 1000th film logged on Letterboxd (not my 1000th movie watched, I added some crappy movies I remembered watching as a child right after). I originally wanted to go with the slightly numerically appropriate Le Million, but when I couldn’t get a copy, I considered going with a special best shot entry instead.
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